What is the Niagara Angel Network?

The Niagara Angel Network (NAN) is a not-for-profit organization that represents a group of accredited or “Angel” investors, who live, work or have a strong interest in Niagara, neighbouring communities or in young companies primed for growth.  It is structured and professionally managed.

Who are the Angels?

Angels are retired or active business professionals who have proven their abilities in the business world. They are individuals with a desire for excellent return on their investments, expanding their list of portfolio of companies, and providing essential business guidance to early stage companies.

How many members do you have?

We have 53 members in good standing.

Who can join?

Who qualifies as an “accredited investor”? (As defined by the Ontario Securities Commission – OSC)

  • An individual who, alone or together with a spouse, owns financial assets worth more than $1 million before taxes but net of related liabilities
  • An individual, who alone or together with a spouse, has net assets of at least $5,000,000.
  • An individual whose net income before taxes exceeded $200,000 in both of the last two years and who expects to maintain at least the same level of income this year;
  • An individual whose net income before taxes, combined with that of a spouse, exceeded $300,000 in both of the last two years and who expects to maintain at least the same level of income this year
  • An individual who currently is, or once was, a registered adviser or dealer, other than a limited market dealer
  • Financial institutions
  • Governments and governmental agencies
  • Insurance companies
  • Pension funds
  • Registered charities
  • Certain mutual funds, pooled funds and managed accounts
  • Companies with net assets of at least $5 million
  • Persons or companies recognized by the OSC as an accredited investor

Is there a membership fee?

Yes.  The annual membership fee is $495 for individuals, and $1,000 for corporate. Funds are made payable to the Niagara Angel Network.

Am I expected to make an investment? Is it mandatory?

Members make individual investing decisions.  We do not have a mandatory minimum investment. Members may decide to invest by themselves, form a consortium, or co-invest with members of other Angel groups.

How much success has your group had?

We have been very successful.  To date, $11.3 million has been invested into 23 young companies.

What are the benefits of joining your group?

We provide members with opportunities to increase their exposure to high quality, investment ready companies seeking capital. Pre-screened companies present their business propositions to members and qualified guests. We collaborate on due diligence and mitigate the risk by investing as a group.

How often do you meet?

We meet bi-monthly over dinners at the St. Catharines Club, 77 Ontario Street, St. Catharines. We also schedule private meetings with companies as opportunities arise. Usually 2-3 quality companies present at each investment meeting.

Is the Angel group all about investments?

Our overall goal is to invest in excellent companies and make excellent returns.  This is also a club. We enjoy the fellowship, the networking, and the great dinner events. We encourage camaraderie with likeminded investors.

What sectors do you invest in?

We have a diverse portfolio of companies. ICT, Cleantech, Health and Manufacturing are just a few sectors we have invested in.

I want to join but I don’t want my name public. Can my anonymity be protected?

We do not make your name public unless we have specific permission to do so. We protect our members privacy at all times.

How do I find out more information?

You can contact the Niagara Angel Network’s office directly. Please contact Terry Kadwell at 905-834-2173 or by email at