Niagara Angels Celebrate 11 Years; Angel Group Set to Lead in Niagara’s Economic Recovery


Niagara Angels Celebrate 11 Years; Angel Group Set to Lead in Niagara’s Economic Recovery

For Immediate Release:
(THOROLD), November 26, 2021- Niagara Angel Network, a group commonly compared to CBC’s Dragon’s Den or ABC’s Shark Tank recently gathered to mark the group’s expansion into Lincoln, and to celebrate its 11-year anniversary as the Niagara region’s only angel investor organization. Over the past eleven years, the non-profit corporation of accredited investors was recognized for investing $15.4 million in 44 companies.

Held at Honsberger Estate Winery in Jordan Station, the celebratory meeting featured the National Angel Capital Organization (NACO) and Angel Investors Ontario (AIO) – the two
industry giants focused on driving investment and innovation across Canada, Ontario and more specifically to Niagara.

“Angel investors are a critical component of a successful innovation ecosystem, providing mentorship, networks and capital to Canada’s high-growth companies,” says Claudio Rojas, CEO of the National Angel Capital Organization. “We are proud to support the work that Niagara Angel Network is doing to drive economic recovery and growth in the Niagara region and beyond. Congratulations on an incredible 11 years.”

The member-based organization of accredited investors recently expanded its presence across Niagara. Aside from its commitment to grow Niagara’s investor base region-wide, the group announced it is ready, willing, and able to lead in Niagara’s economic recovery. Lincoln Mayor Sandra Easton, who attended the inaugural meeting in Lincoln, congratulated the angel group on its accomplishments and stressed the importance of working together to benefit Lincoln, and all of Niagara.

Terry Kadwell, the group’s Executive Director cited the group’s inclusivity, and camaraderie for the group’s success. “There’s something very reassuring to meet likeminded people to invest with”, says Kadwell. “We know Niagara is facing challenges, as well as Ontario, but we also see major opportunities to restore the economy by investing in young, innovative companies.”

“Niagara Angel investors make a positive impact in the region by investing and mentoring local startups, which are great job-creators,” adds Mark Lawrence, Chair of Angel Investors Ontario. “If you care about the economic success of your local economy, join NAN and become part of a province-wide investor ecosystem of community builders.”

About Niagara Angel Network
Established in 2010, the Niagara Angel Network is Niagara’s preeminent investor organization, bringing together likeminded professionals to invest, mentor and build successful businesses.
Attracting members from across Niagara, investors combine their skills and expertise to grow the next generation of companies. With the aim to create jobs and strengthen the economy, the angel group mitigates risk and strives to achieve excellent returns on their investment. To date, the Niagara Angel Network has invested a total of $15.4 million in 44 companies from across Niagara, Ontario, Canada, and the U.S.

National Angel Capital Organization

Established in 1998, National Angel Capital Organization (NACO) is the nation’s steward of the angel capital asset class and informs evidence-based policy in partnership with the Government of Canada. NACO members have invested $1.12 billion into 1,500 entrepreneurial companies. The organization enables the emergence of high-growth companies in Canada by filling critical gaps in the national funding ecosystem and working to advance more equitable access to capital for entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and communities. NACO is the only national industry association for Canada’s 45 regional angel investment groups, 50 accelerators and incubators, and 4,200 angel investors. It enables collaboration, investment opportunities and faster access to Canada’s investment ecosystem.

Angel Investors Ontario
Angel Investors Ontario was formed on the principals of the National Angel Capital Organization (“NACO”), in order to administer the Angel Network Program (“ANP”), established by the Government of Ontario in July 2007. Angel Investors Ontario supports over 13 non-profit Angel Groups and 14 investment clubs across the province. Angel Investors Ontario fosters Angel groups’ success by sharing information and education tools, transferring best practices across the network. Over the past decade, through the groups and clubs that it mobilizes and supports, Angel Investors Ontario has enabled over $365 million dollars to be invested into 656 high-potential early-stage ventures, in turn creating and retaining over 11,700 jobs.

For more information, please contact: Terry Kadwell, Executive Director at 905-680-8085 or